Reduce human resource costs by interviewing candidates pre-screened for employment readiness.

Not only does SCAP-SE helps you save on recruiting costs, like paying for expensive ads, but an oral board of human resource professionals pre-screen EVERY job seeker.

Reduce payroll and benefit costs by evaluating and training SCAP-SE participants before hiring.

Through SCAP-SE, wages paid for hours worked by SCAP-SE participants are reimbursed up to 50% for up to 6 months.

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    "The SCAP-SE Program is an effective tool to put San Joaquin County residents to work."

    Fran Aguilera, San Joaquin County Economic Development Association
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    "SCAP works very well for us. It provides trial-basis training time that gives both parties a chance to evaluate the necessary criteria to perform a job."

    Elisa Hassett, Personnel Manager, Stockton Wal-Mart