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Only non-working CalWORKs clients are eligible for SCAP-SE's pre-screening interviews.

If you are receiving CalWorks, please contact your CalWorks Case Manager for a SCAP-SE referral so you can interview for these positions.


  1. All referrals must have a resume ready prior to pre-screenings.  They will be referred back if not presented at interview.
  2. Have client bring 2 forms of I.D. (Driver's License and Social Security Card). They will be referred back if not presented at interview.
  3. Have client bring SCAP-SE referral
  4. Have client bring job description and/or job application
  5. Please advise candidate of purpose of SCAP -SE prior to the pre-screening interview.
# Positions
Stockton  Admin Support Clerk                1
Stockton  Business Analyst I                1
Stockton  Case Manager                 3
Stockton Dispatch               1
Stockton Front/Back MA Office               10
Stockton  Front Desk Receptionist                2
Stockton  Office Clerk
Stockton   Office Assistant                 1
Stockton Receptionist                 1
Stockton  Service Integration Coordinator                 1

 Care Services
Stockton  Crisis Specialist 
Stockton  Program Specialist
Stockton  Transitional Aged Youth Specialist  1
Stockton  Restorative Justice Specialist 
  Customer Service/Retail/Restaurant  
Stockton  Assistant Manager 
Tracy Assistant Store Manager
Stockton Baker Assistant
Stockton Bakery Manager
Stockton Banquet Server
Stockton Bartender 
Stockton Bartender 2
Stockton Busser
Stockton  Cashier
Stockton Cashier - Part Time 1
Lodi Cashier
Tracy Cashier
Tracy Clerk Processor 1
Stockton  Crew Member
Stockton  Cook 
Stockton Dishwasher
Stockton Dishwasher
Lodi Donation Attendant
Stockton Donation Attendant 1
Tracy Donation Attendant
Stockton E-Commerce Clerk
Stockton E-Commerce Shipper
Stockton Food Server
Stockton  Host/Hostess
Stockton  Kitchen Assistant  3
Stockton Line Cook
Stockton Line Cook/Line Chef
Lodi Retail Merchandise Processor 1
Manteca Retail Merchandise Processor
Stockton Server
Lodi Supervisor 3
Manteca Supervisor
Stockton Supervisor
Manteca  Auto Mechanic
Manteca  Equipment Mechanic  
Stockton  Field Technician 2
Stockton Motor Vehicle Operator 1
Service Technician  1
  General Labor/Warehouse  
Stockton Carpenter Apprentice
Stockton   Extrusion Operator 
Stockton  Finishing Operator
Stockton General Warehouse Associate 8
Stockton Material Handler I 1
Stockton Material Handler
Stockton Material Handler II 1
Stockton  Tipper 
Stockton  Tool and Die Builder  
Stockton  Warehouse Driver PT
Stockton Warehouse Operations Associate 5
Tracy Warehouse Production  6
Wash Bay Operator 1
Stockton  Clean Team Member  1
Stockton  Custodian 
Stockton  Event Security
Stockton  Flex Officer
Stockton Grounds Person 1
Stockton Janitor
Stockton  Mobile Farmer's Market Assistant 
Stockton Patrol Driver
Stockton Group Leader Part-Time  50
Tracy PC Tech Trainee
Tracy  Residential Repair Tech 
Stockton  Shower Attendant 
Stockton  Sub Group Leader
Stockton   Woman's Hygiene Coordinator  1